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How to Apply

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CAN893 - Technical Writer


Attain Solutions Inc. ("Attain") is a national Oracle applications management services and technology company. With offices in Edmonton and Vancouver, our presence is coast-to-coast including clients in Vancouver, Halifax, Whitehorse, Iqaluit, and across Canada. Our mission is to help organizations effectively streamline and accelerate their business by leveraging next generation cloud solutions.

We are looking for a talented technical writer to join our rapidly growing team.

If you love communication through writing, have an analytical mind, and like to take on different challenges, this might be the role for you.

This opening is for someone that can support our project delivery teams with structured documentation, templates, and effective content. What this means is that you would be helping to create documentation and/or templates that our teams can use to then properly get across the details that our customers are looking for. The meta of technical writing. You would also be helping our teams flush out and articulate a whole spectrum of business-related ideas and processes. They will provide the nitty gritty details; you will dress it up and give it the final polish.

What's the best way to present an old and new business process in a single slide? How can we show the impact of a change without using words? There is a list of 100 before and after items; what's the easiest, most concise way to document this for multiple audiences?

Marketing copy and proposal writing would also be part of the job, helping potential clients to understand who we are, what we do, and how we will do it with a flair of style.

For the right person and the right combination of interests, this role could also be an entry point into project co-ordination and -- further down -- project management.

*** Please send three samples of writing along with your resume. These can be anything (web, print, document) that demonstrates your authoring. ***

  • Review and create documentation templates for our delivery teams.
  • Gather details and incorporate them into deliverables for projects.
  • Find areas that can benefit from standardized documentation.
  • Contribute to and review all manner of marketing and proposal documents.
  • Generate ideas on how to improve what the company does through better communication with our clients.
Desired Skills & Qualifications: 
  • Excellent command of English.
  • Skilled in using Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. (Do you know how to use Styles effectively? Page breaks? Sections? ALT-E-S-V?)
  • Analytical thought process; creative, but structured in your approach.
  • An interest in building things.
  • Generate ideas on how to improve what the company does through better communication with our clients.

We look for the same strand of DNA in all our employees: a curious self-starter that believes in a greater purpose. Someone that values integrity, honesty, and respect. Work is not just 8 hours set aside to earn dollars; you're on a mission for something greater. Whether it's to improve your family's life, or the community you live in, we value people that know the meaning of sowing into a vision. You help us achieve our vision and our clients' goals, and we help you live out yours.

Our Core Principles

1. Integrity

It is an honor for us to be able to serve our customers. Our satisfaction is found in win-win solutions that are cost effective, nuanced, and backed by decades of experience. We always strive to act in the best interests of our customers and view every problem as our own.

2. Honesty

We are upfront and transparent in everything that we do. If we make a mistake we will own up to it. If we feel like there's a better, cheaper way, we'll let you know. We believe that a true partnership can only be built on trust, and trust can only be built upon clear, honest, conversations and shared experiences.

3. Respect

We strive to make sure every single person we work with is treated fairly and with respect. We are all people, unique and valued for who we are. Respecting others recognizes that no one person has all the answers and that every point of view has a voice.


We have been around for 27 years helping customers get the most out of their Oracle ERP and applications investment. We specialize in Higher Education and the Public Sector and are an Oracle Gold Partner.

Attain acknowledges the First Peoples across Canada, upon whose traditional unceded territories we are privileged to live, work, and play.

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