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How to Apply

How to Apply

To apply for one of our open positions, indicate the position you are interested and send us your cover letter and work history to

CAN928 - Developer / System Analysts


Attain Solutions is a leading provider of ERP applications and technology services. Based in Western Canada, our company provides the full spectrum of large scale business applications consulting to our public sector and government clients. Our mission is to provide cost-effective, sustainable solutions that realize the true value of enterprise applications.

Our Vancouver/Edmonton offices are looking for talented Systems Developers / Analysts to join our rapidly growing solutions delivery team.

Whether you're just starting out as a new graduate or are a seasoned professional, our definition of a Systems Developer / Analyst is someone that has the technical chops to handle any problem and turn it into an elegant and efficient solution. Our approach is full-stack, and our primary toolchain is PeopleSoft-based, but we also work with Oracle Cloud, PHP, .NET, Java, Drupal, as well as other newer and interesting stacks. These are all just tools to real world business solutions, where heterogenous integration is fast becoming the name of the game.

Think beyond MEAN, React, and Sails; your talent will help large organizations and companies streamline their payroll, manage their books, and oversee tens of thousands of post secondary students as they pursue higher learning.

This is the right job for you if you want to learn how to deliver solutions that have an enterprise scope and scale and have significant impact. We teach you to think abstractly, solve problems as a team, work in fast-paced, client-facing settings, and focus your tooling beyond the trends and technical flavors of the month. No other job will give you exposure to the full technical infrastructure of an enterprise, including networks, firewalls, servers, databases, operating systems, architecture, and coding.

Whether you are already or aspire to be a technology ninja, you will be called upon to constantly grow in knowledge and ability, and to find fulfilment in doing a job well done with integrity and purpose.

  • Develop and test elegant code that is robust, intuitive, and user friendly.
  • Research, develop, and maintain technical solutions that consider cross-platform (O/S, Database) deployment.
  • Manage and maintain the full-stack of the application infrastructure.
  • Support the full cycle of design, development, and testing (Agile, Waterfall -- be flexible).
  • Work closely with other members of the team to provide a fully flushed out solution.
  • Work in a fast pace, rapidly changing environment.
  • Determine the best tool for the job, and if needed, drive the creation of the tools you need.
  • Resolve general support requests and learn how to solve domain-specific problems.
Desired Skills & Qualifications: 
  • A diploma, degree, or background in programming and computer science is an obvious must.
  • Strong knowledge of programming and databases.
  • Working knowledge of system administration and virtualization.
  • Proof of some complex projects you've worked on and the ability to know where you could have done better.
  • Canadian citizenship or permanent resident.

We look for the same strand of DNA in all our employees: a curious self-starter that believes in a greater purpose. Someone that values integrity, honesty, and respect. Work is not just 8 hours set aside to earn dollars; you're on a mission for something greater. Whether it's to improve your family's life, or the community you live in, we value people that know the meaning of sowing into a vision. You help us achieve our vision and our clients' goals, and we help you live out yours.

Our Core Principles

1. Integrity

It is an honor for us to be able to serve our customers. Our satisfaction is found in win-win solutions that are cost effective, nuanced, and backed by decades of experience. We always strive to act in the best interests of our customers and view every problem as our own.

2. Honesty

We are upfront and transparent in everything that we do. If we make a mistake we will own up to it. If we feel like there's a better, cheaper way, we'll let you know. We believe that a true partnership can only be built on trust, and trust can only be built upon clear, honest, conversations and shared experiences.

3. Respect

We strive to make sure every single person we work with is treated fairly and with respect. We are all people, unique and valued for who we are. Respecting others recognizes that no one person has all the answers and that every point of view has a voice.


We have been around for 27 years helping customers get the most out of their Oracle ERP and applications investment. We specialize in Higher Education and the Public Sector and are an Oracle Gold Partner.

Attain acknowledges the First Peoples across Canada, upon whose traditional unceded territories we are privileged to live, work, and play.

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